Our Mission

Golden Eagle stoves have proudly been manufactured in the United States since 1979. We were founded by a team of engineers who knew there had to be a better way to economically, environmentally, and esthetically heat their homes: and those of their friends and neighbors.  And thus was born the wood pellet stove.


Each stove model has been designed and manufactured with the consumer in mind. There are no other stoves on the market that are easier to install, operate, and maintain.  Every stove comes with easy to follow instructions.


We are dedicated to providing you with stoves of value in cost and quality in performance. “THE MOST BTUs FOR THE BUCK” is how our stoves are known in the industry.


You and your family can rest assured (in warm comfort) knowing that your Golden Eagle stove has been meticulously designed, engineered, tested, and crafted to assure the highest degree of performance, safety, efficiency, and reliability.


All Golden Eagle stoves meet or exceed federal emissions and efficiency standards, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.



Proper installation of your stove is extremely important for the safety of your family and home, and the efficiency of your unit.  Be sure to check with local officials for any additional installation or permitting requirments that apply to your area.

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