The Lincoln® Multi-Fuel Stove GE-200

Lincoln Multi-Fuel


This corn and pellet stove combats against fluctuating energy prices.  Traditional styling, great performance, operational ease, and economical pricing all combine together to make the Lincoln Multi-Fuel stove a fantastic choice.




Features & Benefits

  • Approved for use with corn and wood pellet fuel
  • 700sf to 2,000sf of heat with 5 Heat Settings
  • 50,000 BTUs
  • 90 pound hopper capacity with automatic feed provides up to 45 hours on each load of corn
  • Durable Heavy Steel construction for long-lasting and reliable performance
  • Removable stainless steel burn pot
  • Quite motors and blowers
  • Single touch digital control panel with multiple diagnostic and safety checks to extend the stove's life and efficiency
  • Unique air-wash glass cleaning system
  • High thermal efficiency 
  • Environmentally friendly - Meets or exceeds all federal emissions and efficiency standards
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Owners  ManualMade in the USA



All pellet stoves require routine maintenance in order to perform efficiently and to prolong the life of individual components.  Most problems associated with pellet stoves are due to a lack of proper maintenance.  Be sure to follow the maintenance directions in your owner's manual and be sure to check the maintenance section of our website.

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