The Jackson® Pellet Stove GE-100

The Jackson Pellet Stove


This stove has a refined look with American tradition and more versatility packed into one stove than any other.  The Jackson will fit in almost any location in your home and it will keep your family warm the whole winter.





Features & Benefits

  • 800 sf to 1,800 sf heating with 5 heat level settings
  • 40,000 maximum BTU input
  • 55lb hopper capacity with automatic fuel feed provides up to 55 hours of heat on one load of fuel
  • Durable heavy steel construction provides long-lasting reliability and durability
  • Swing open side panels
  • Large and easily accessible ash drawer on the pedestal version and an ample sized ash pan on the leg version
  • Quiet motors and blowers
  • Single touch digital control panel with multiple diagnostic and safety checks to extend the stove's life and efficiency
  • Automatic fire starter igniter means no messy gels and a quick, safe ignition
  • Unique air-wash glass cleaning system
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly - Meets or exceeds all federal emissions and efficiency standards
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Available as a pedestal or leg version
Owners Manual Made in the USA


Pellet heat is cost-effective, price stable, environmentally responsible and saves time.  Pellet fuel comes in convenient 40-pound bags.  Simply open a bag of wood pellets, pour into the pellet hopper, and set the controls.

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